Élite Restaurant

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The Management of the hotel has decided to open to ordinary activities, keeping the restaurant closed which will be replaced by our light meal proposals or by the traditional cuisine of "La Taverna del Torchio" restaurant, all in respect of covid19 rules.

Light Lunch or Light Dinner service will be available, carefully prepared by the qualified staff.
Furthermore, customers can try the typical cuisine of Il Torchio restaurant, in front of the hotel, with which Sangemini Palace collaborates. It is a place to discover the flavors of Umbria where high quality raw materials are always used.

Despite this difficult period, Sangemini Palace Hotel does not give up on treating the guest in a special way and making the holiday unforgettable.

Book the Restaurant

To confirm the reservation by Sangemini Palace, please insert credit card details to verify the truthfullness of the reservation itself. No amount will be charged before the dinner, a €30,00 pre-authorization will be submitted for approval. The amount of €30,00 will be deducted ONLY if the reservation will not be fulfilled or not deleted in time.